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Push-to-talk for Police and Fire

Need better radio-to-radio connectivity? Radio-over-IP giving users access to radio channels when they're outside the radio network? On-prem voice that won't let you down? Instant Connect is proud to serve.

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Instant Connect is a leader in voice communications for today’s police and fire departments. Our military-grade voice interoperability and push-to-talk app are in use around the world.  Ready to connect your teams when you are.

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Why Instant Connect?

What our public safety communications platform has in store for you...

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DMR/P25 radio interoperability

Connect any radio network and system to any other radio network and system, for seamless radio interoperability. Instant Connect bridges multiple radio systems via ISSI wireline or donor-attached integrations.

Connect radio users with IP users

Connect any radio to any IP-connected or mobile device. Now workers on radios can connect to their colleagues on IP or cellular devices and vice versa. This enables users to participate in radio channels even when they’re outside the coverage limits of the radio network.

Reduce your radio inventory

Give radios to the people who need them. For everyone else—give them Instant Connect’s mobile PTT app running on smartphones and other voice-enabled devices. No need to buy more expensive radio handsets.  Our app will do the job even better.

Assign talk priority

With transmit priority, you can decide which users have the ability to override all other transmissions with urgent messages. When it’s critical, you can rest assured the priority voice is always heard.

ATAK and WinTAK integrations

When it comes to mission planning and execution, communication is key. That’s why Instant Connect is the voice plugin of choice for ATAK and WinTAK. Mission-critical voice has never been more connected.

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access radio channels anywhere

Tune in even when you're outside radio coverage

With Instant Connect, users can participate in radio channels from anywhere using their preferred mobile device. It doesn't matter if they're outside the coverage limits of the radio network—our VoIP app will connect them to mission-critical conversations.

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Any device

Make it easy for non-radio users to access the radio network on any device.

Extend coverage via LTE and IP

Extend the RF footprint of your radio network beyond its current limitations.

Reduce budget

If members of your team don’t need a radio 24/7, why spend thousands of dollars on one?

Talk or listen anywhere

Engage with your team anywhere in the world, as long as there’s a cellular or internet connection.

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unified communications

Voice interoperability

Get more out of your radio system. Whether you need digital radio interoperability or a communications bridge to other networks—you'll be read loud and clear.

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Connect any radio to any radio

Bridge any DMR and P25 radio system via either ISSI or donor-attached integrations.

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Connect LMR systems to WANs

Link LMR systems and equipment to those operating over LTE, 5G, telephony, and IP networks.

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Connect with neighbor agencies in a flash

Quickly add users from neighboring jurisdictions to a talk group with time-bound licenses, allowing you to bring them into your radio network in a matter of seconds. All they have to do is scan a QR code to open a mission file, and start talking. When the user is no longer needed to communicate with your team, the license expires. There is no need to create and manage user accounts on a server for temporary users.

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Command and control with confidence

Instant Connect takes the hassle out of pulling the strings for your teams.

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Easy channel setup

Select between three convenient channel types, define interoperability, assign your users, and go. Easy and hassle-free – the way it should be.

Easy on-the-fly patching

Need to connect employees with remote supervisors? Officers with on-the-go medics? It's a breeze with our desktop patching.

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