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Push-to-talk over MANET

Self-adapting mobile ad hoc networks open new opportunities for frontline teams to leverage push-to-talk. Collaboration when every second counts.

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Evolve and win

Traditional wireless network installations have fixed network topologies. A mobile ad hoc wireless network (MANET) is dynamically reconfigurable and does not depend on a static infrastructure or a central point of control such as an access point.

MANET nodes are free to roam about arbitrarily. In these ad hoc networks, each node acts both as a peer as well as a router. MANETs are easily deployed since they are self-organizing and do not rely on fixed infrastructure.

Leveraging next-gen voice communications powered by the Instant Connect Enterprise (ICE) platform, MANETs are ideal for fast-moving tactical frontline teams such as oil/gas, mining, military, defense, intelligence, and public safety.

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