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Radio over IP

Protect your long-term communications strategy by extending and enhancing your radio infrastructure with Instant Connect.

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Radio has evolved

Few communications revolutions have been as impactful as push-to-talk (PTT) utilized in radio-based networks. PTT, also known as press-to-transmit, is a method of conducting conversations via half-duplex communication lines – such as two-way radios – using a "button" to switch from reception mode to transmit mode.

Radio-based PTT has revolutionized how people live, work, play, and defend, allowing humans to communicate in ways that transcend geography to get more done and do things better.

The Instant Connect Enterprise™ (ICE) platform takes radio even further. ICE maximizes radio-to-radio interoperability with a predictable, cost-efficient migration path to full Digital Radio Interoperability as well as a frontline communications environment that connects radio, mobile, IP, and telephony.

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