Push-to-talk for smarter incident response

Safety and productivity on the frontlines require constant, unbroken communications. And communications require connections. That’s why Instant Connect is fully interoperable and automated. Our Smart Talk Groups™ can be dynamically assembled in response to triggers from systems, IoT sensors, cameras, and more. So your teams know what’s happening immediately and can respond faster to incidents.

Find the signal in the noise

Get the job done better with push-to-talk that raises team awareness.

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Smart Talk Groups accelerate incident response by only connecting the experts who are available and designated by your organization to address a particular task or mission. Everyone else is left alone.

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Any Device / OS / Network

Say goodbye to coverage limits and get everyone talking with voice channels that work across virtually any device, operating system, and network—radio, cellular, WiFi, IP, MANET, and telephony.

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Trigger your teams to act faster

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Get more out of your IoT infrastructure with integrated push-to-talk. Is a door alarm tripped? IoT sensor signaling a machine issue? Delivery vehicle confirmed at loading gate? Instant Connect will put a team on it, virtually as soon as it happens.


Instant Connect helps teams conduct operating procedures faster, with talk channels that can be automatically assembled as part of an existing workflow. Adding voice to your process shortens the time to completion for any job and makes sure it’s done right.


Don’t let surprises stop you in your tracks. Instant Connect is always on alert and makes it easy to create, change, or patch talk groups on the fly. You can resolve the unexpected faster when the right experts are talking.


The systems that drive your operations produce a lot of insights. Instant Connect turns those insights into action. Any system—building, security, ERP, order fulfillment, service ticketing, you name it—can trigger the automatic creation of a talk group.


Manage your workforce better with push-to-talk that understands roles and work schedules without creating unnecessary clutter. Instant Connect adds only the workers necessary in a talk group – those who are on shift and designated by the business to address the task at hand.

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Get connected

Read Gartner's analysis of frontline worker technologies and download our eBook to learn how Smart Talk Groups accelerate incident response.


Push it across the finish line

There's no need to change how your business runs. Just run it faster. Instant Connect complements existing workflows by enhancing the ability of teams to organize a response to whatever happens. It could be an alarm triggered by an IoT sensor, or an alert message sent by a camera. Whatever the workflow is, our talk channels can automatically assemble a team of experts designated by a business to respond to the event. They're the ultimate conversation starter, built to finish the job.

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Reduce breakdowns in communication

The ecosystem of devices and networks is constantly growing. But this can't be a barrier for frontline teams that operate in high-pace, high-risk environments. That's why Instant Connect functions across virtually any voice-enabled device, operating system, and network. Cellular, WiFi, IP, radio, MANET, telephony—all the coverage your teams need, wherever they are and without disruption.

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