Use cases

Instant Connect software is flexible to meet your deployment needs. Start with a lightweight serverless use case or jump right in with a full enterprise-class PTT environment.

As easy as you want it to be

The Instant Connect Enterprise™ (ICE) platform is built for speed, performance, and scalability. Its flexible architecture can adapt to virtually any type of use case your operation demands.

From pilot, to super-lightweight serverless, to enterprise-class everything, ICE lets you start where you want and go anywhere you need to go.


For major oil companies, deploying ICE on remote oil rigs is ideal, as no servers are needed. They can run ICE on the fly to connect radios – fast, easy, cost-efficient. And they can easily expand the talk groups to add more radio users – as well as staffers on mobile devices – as needed. No hassles. Minimal IT infrastructure. Just point and go.

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For mobile teams like cycling, ICE is a great way to swap all out of its radios for mobile phones. They can use the ICE RallyPoint both on a gateway – and in the cloud (serverless) – to connect mobile users in a modern PTT environment that transcends radio. RallyPoint turns multicast into unicast, letting the team use local commercial LTE networks. Fast, easy, and low-cost.

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Full Enterprise-Class

A major international sporting event – being held across multiple venues – is positioned to leverage the full capabilities of an enterprise-class ICE deployment. Staff, volunteers (BYOD), first responders, outside agencies – everyone can communicate securely and seamlessly. How? ICE can safely connect any device across any network, including mobile, radio, IP, telephony devices, handheld computers, even office phones. From crowd management to security issues to medical events – everyone has the situational awareness and rapid response required.

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For many retail chains, leveraging their existing Cisco infrastructure and investment is key. They can use ICE to connect their entire network of Cisco IP phones via the XML protocol, turning their existing office phones into PTT devices. Mobile devices and radios can be easily added as needed to bring more frontline teams into the talk channels – everyone in a single unified PTT environment. At minimal cost to the enterprise.

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The modern warfighter has a new level of secure, interoperable communications thanks to ICE. For example, military forces can link ruggedized mobile phones and radios in a lightweight serverless deployment. No more lugging heavy, cumbersome IT equipment in the field or confronting dangerous gaps in communications between devices as soldiers attempt to connect between different technologies. Everyone will be securely connected via smart devices in a super-lightweight, super-connected ICE environment built for the front lines.

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Covert operations are easily supported via burner phones connected via a Raspberry Pi (or similar) – no server needed. Behind-the-lines operators and intelligence personnel can rely on public carriers while ensuring fully secure, anonymous ICE-based communications. At the end of the mission, burner phones are wiped clean and discarded.

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