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eBook: Dynamic Frontline Communications

December 15, 2020

Unleash Your Frontline Workforce

Dynamic Communications eBookWhether it’s mining, utilities, energy, transportation, manufacturing, logistics, or other fast-moving sectors, frontline workers tend to work in teams sharing common tasks, missions, and deliverables.

The Dynamic Frontline Communications™ platform from Instant Connect intuitively recognizes this and automatically creates dynamic task-based talk groups that connect today’s frontline teams with push-to-talk voice, data, and other services.

This next-gen communications environment combines all of the proven benefits of Push-to-Talk with dynamic talk groups that can be automatically assembled and disassembled based on tasks, workflows, events, and business rules set by the enterprise. Connecting frontline workers across mobile, radio, IP, and telephony – any device, any network.

The platform is helping organizations worldwide improve their workforce productivity, business output, and employee safety. This is the future of frontline collaboration.

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