Connect all the teams that keep your operations running with the only push-to-talk that works across any device, network, and operating system.

How connected are you?

Interoperable push-to-talk

Expand the conversation with the world’s most flexible push-to-talk for frontline teams.

Works how you work

Talk with whoever you work with on your preferred device—radio, smartphone, desk phone, desktop, headset...whatever.

Stay connected

Don't sweat coverage limits. Instant Connect works on WiFi, LTE, 5G, IP, radio, telephony, and MANET networks.

Mac / Windows / Linux

Instant Connect operates on any system used by your employees, contractors, partners, and vendors.

Bring in radio users

Connect multiple radio networks, extend radio to IP networks, or get on a path to full radio replacement.

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Radio interoperability

Maybe you're moving on from radio, maybe you're not. Makes no difference to us. We work with leading radio and LMR gateway manufacturers to extend the coverage and capabilities of radio.

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Connect radio networks

Do your teams use multiple radio systems and networks? 10-4. We support wireline radio and donor-attached integrations.

Extend radio coverage

Connect workers on radios to workers on other mobile devices. We worry about connecting networks so you don't have to.

Reduce costs

Add workers to a radio network without buying more radios. Configure talk groups with less hardware and maintenance costs.

Enrich the conversation

With a direct IP wireline interface, add features like location tracking, talker ID, and text messaging.

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Any network

We work where you do

From the warehouse to the battlefield, communicate without limits by extending voice wherever you need it.

Ready to connect?

Contact us and let's see how we can reduce gaps or breakdowns in your voice communications.