Frontline push-to-talk platform

Instant Connect is the world's most interoperable push-to-talk. Our software reduces gaps in voice communications and accelerates incident response for first responders, militaries, and frontline teams. When failing to complete a task or mission is not an option—teams use Instant Connect.

How flexible is your voice?

Reach anyone, anywhere

Instant Connect push-to-talk allows frontline teams to communicate on virtually any device, network, and operating system.

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Push-to-Talk your way

iPhone. Android. IP phones. Mobile computing devices. Radios. Headsets. Name it, and we can turn it into a connected push-to-talk device.

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Close coverage gaps

Connect over LTE/Cellular, 5G, Radio, WiFi, IP, Telephony, and MANET networks—even when your team uses not just one, but many.

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Eliminate voice breakdowns

Communicate without the usual barriers between competing operating systems.

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Text, photos, videos, and location

Enrich the conversation with real-time mapping and multimedia.

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World's first smart talk groups

Respond faster and smarter

Following 9/11, Instant Connect pioneered smarter push-to-talk so frontline teams are always in the loop and never left behind.

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Automated talk channels

Seamlessly integrate voice into your operations with talk channels that can be dynamically created, changed, or detached as part of a workflow.

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Any device or network

Push-to-talk over Cellular and WiFi are nice to have, but they're not enough. We connect you to whomever you want, however they want.

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Put a team on it

Instant Connect makes it easy to assemble the right team for any task or mission.

Explore channel options

Get coordinated

Create channels that make sense for your operations—by topic, department, region, anything! It's your call.

Reduce distractions

Stay laser-focused on the job with task- or topic-based talk groups. Reduce chatter with one-to-one channels.

Wield the power of IoT

Work faster and safer with automation. Event-triggered channels keep teams on alert, so they don't miss anything.

Adjust groups on the fly

Create or modify groups as needed, in real-time, to address evolving situations.

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Boost worker productivity

Instant Connect works the way your business does, with push-to-talk that seamlessly integrates into existing workflows.

Enhance worker safety

Our push-to-talk leverages automation and interoperability, to eliminate communication breakdowns and raise situational awareness.

Extend your IT investment

Leverage existing IT infrastructure as needed. Integrate radio, cellular, and IP as desired. Deploy any way you want: on-premises, cloud, hybrid, even serverless.

“Companies that would benefit from dynamically creating talk groups to complete a specific task or mission — increasingly in an automated fashion — should evaluate Instant Connect.”

Gartner Research
2021 Cool Vendor Report, Frontline Worker Technologies

What experts say

See why Gartner named us a 2021 Cool Vendor in Frontline Worker Technologies.

Enhance or replace radio

"Any device or network" doesn't just mean phones, data, and WiFi. Chances are, some of your teams use radios. We'll connect them with everything else your workers are using.

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We support wireline, donor-attached, and P25 radio integrations.


Get people talking anywhere by connecting radio users to users on IP, WiFi, and cellular devices. No need to buy more radios.


Want to migrate to cost-efficient, IP-based push-to-talk? Significant savings are at your fingertips.

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Military solutions

Serving the U.S. Armed Forces

Instant Connect is currently engaged with all branches of the U.S. Armed Forces. Why? Because no provider offers more protection from voice interception, interference, or breakdowns. We also offer the military what no other vendor can—the world's first serverless voice communications.

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From ATAK to WinTAK, to MANET radio systems and tactical radio gateways—we've got you covered.

More secure

Instant Connect exceeds NIST-approved security standards. Our software is also certified by the U.S. government with full "authority to operate."

Easy to use

Consolidate devices and leave heavy equipment behind with the world's first serverless deployments.

Voice automation

Execute the mission faster and safer with event-triggered Smart Talk Groups and Smart Geofences.

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Ready to connect?

What push-to-talk challenges are you facing? Contact us and let's see how we can reduce gaps or breakdowns in your voice communications.