Because your operation is on the line.

 Optimize your workforce productivity, situational awareness, and business outcomes with Instant Connect.

Workforces across the globe are tearing down silos that impede organizational success – and achieving new levels of operational efficiency and safety. Why not you?

The days of isolated radio-centric communications systems are over.

Welcome to an evolving era in mission-critical communications, one that integrates radio, enterprise telephony, and mobile into a single comprehensive environment that supports instantaneous communications, regardless of device.

Dispatchers, field users, first responders, work crews, managers, office personnel, and the C-suite — with Instant Connect, everyone can easily communicate using any device they want. Your command center can instantly communicate with radio, mobile, and laptop users in the field – multiple groups communicating with each other simultaneously over the same network.

Mobile and desktop IP devices get instant push-to-talk performance. Which means your IP device users can share video, photos and live maps, track field personnel, and improve safety with real-time alerts – all while simultaneously taking advantage of instant PTT connectivity with radio users.

And your combined Radio/IP network enjoys the rugged reliability you’ve come to expect from a Cisco-built technology with an illustrious history of performance and value reaching back to 9/11.

Instant Connect: Take a deeper dive!

Welcome to Instant Connect (March 2019) (PDF)

Instant Connect Release 6 (PDF)

Instant Connect Mobile Client (PDF)

Instant Connect Phone Client (PDF)

Instant Connect Express (PDF)

Instant Connect Dispatch Console (PDF)

Instant Connect Universal Media Service (PDF)

Breaking down communications barriers

Instant Connect offers a seamless migration from isolated radio networks to a more comprehensive and versatile environment that adds mobile and enterprise telephony to your instant communications capabilities. Without the costly upgrades or technology dead-ends you may face with other providers.

Instant Connect bridges unified communications, IP phones, and other endpoints with disparate devices such as Wi-Fi/3G/LTE mobile phones, landline phones, land-mobile radios, and PCs, wherever they are located. Our solution augments and complements Land-Mobile Radio (LMR) field and dispatch operations, providing improved responsiveness to events, incidents, and emergencies.


A smart way to invest? Give your dispatch, mobile and other IP devices push-to-talk performance.

Instant Connect offers a predictable, cost-efficient roadmap for enhancing radio systems and eliminating the silos that traditionally exist between radio and enterprise users. We can quickly turn your mobile and desktop devices into PTT devices for instant group-to-group communications. And we can leverage your existing wired and wireless enterprise networks to protect your existing investments and extend beyond the campus by using commercial carrier network services.

Stepping up to Instant Connect is straightforward and hassle-free. No technology dead-ends. No re-engineering. No loss of your existing infrastructure. No cost overruns or ugly surprises. Just a smooth, seamless migration path into the future:

Welcome to a more connected workforce.

  • Execute faster
  • Improve outcomes
  • Enhance safety
  • Turn data into insight
  • Augment radio with next-gen communications seamlessly
5 Ways we empower your workforce

Need to add mobile to your existing PTT without running up huge costs?

Integrate the power of video without having to re-engineer?

Add live mapping so everyone knows where everyone else is?

No worries. You’ve got Instant Connect.

End-of-Sale and End-of-Life Announcement for the Cisco IPICS and Cisco Instant Connect Releases 4.x and 5.x

Cisco’s Instant Connect product line (previously known as IPICS) was sold to the STA Group/Dillon Kane Group on April 4, 2018.

As of October 4, 2018, Cisco and STA Group announce the end-of-sale and end-of life dates for Cisco IPICS and Instant Connect Releases 4.x and 5.x.

The Instant Connect 6.x system replaces the Instant Connect 4.x and 5.x product lines, and is orderable through the Cisco SolutionsPlus program.

Helping you transition from older releases of Instant Connect to new releases of Instant Connect.

The STA Group is here to support you in any and every way we can. We can help you migrate from IPICS 4.x/5.x as well as maintain and optimize your Instant Connect 6.x system. We are working with Cisco TAC and the Cisco channels team to make sure you have the right support and certifications for Instant Connect.

We now have two support models.  You decide which works best for your team!  Option #1: You can continue to call the Cisco Technical Assistance Center. Option #2: You can call the STA Group’s Technical Assistance Center directly.   Both are available 24×7 to support our customers and partners worldwide.

The STA Group is managing the Authorize Technology Provider (ATP) program for Instant Connect 6.x.  All previous Instant Connect partners are grandfathered into STA Group’s ATP program.

Download Full EOL Announcement